Diana Jameson Designs

About Diana

I am a very long time, not quite  native, Sonoma County resident  and currently reside in Santa Rosa with my husband and two boxers.  I began my journey in glass art by sand carving images on flat glass.  Discovering kiln formed glass opened up opportunities to bend the glass and create designs not attainable before.  Over the years, the studio has given me a creative outlet that balanced my day to day government job.  Since leaving that employment I have been able to spend more time in the studio! 

Each piece is hand created, therefore each is one of a kind.  Even pieces intended to be similar (such as a set of plates) will have slight variations.  The mark of a hand made item.  

While much of my work has a utilitarian function such as a platter or bowl, the constant is to design pieces whose primary function is to please the eye. 
I look forward to sharing my art with you, either through my studio pieces or through a commission that incorporates your vision!

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