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7-10-12  Been other directed for a while...
Life has been flying by, but I have been back in the studio the past week.  Besides my normal flat pieces I have been working on a new piece that has a more sculptural feeling to it.  The form is in the kiln now - hope to be using it within the next two days.  So what inspired me???? There will be a show at the Healdsburg Center for the Arts in August - Go Figure.  Figure Drawing was the first art class I took - way to long ago.  Anyway - I felt a need to reach back and experiment with form.  We'll see.  

4/27/2011.....Nature is incredible.  This pair of Trillium were two among many on a recent venture in the Sonoma County woods.  Such beauty!

4/17/2011.....it is exciting seeing other artists' creations and even more exciting to participate in a collaboration!  I am creating small "worry stones" inspired by the fashion creations of my future daughter-in-law.  They feel so good in the hand!!! 

1/21/2011.....the nearly full moon is shining through the window, branches piercing the light.  Sketch it, then transform to glass.

1/31/2011.....Yesterday was pretty gloomy, with rain.  Today the sun is out - the light highlighting shades of green. 
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